The big Google Maps Mobile/ Windows Live Search showdown


Google Maps Mobile (GMM) is an extremely popular program.  Absolutely everyone uses GMM at one point or another because it’s so easy and looks pretty.  But is there another game in town?  Dwight Silverman of TechBlog put Google Maps Mobile head-to-head against Windows Live Search (WLS) on the Windows Mobile platform and it may surprise some that he found WLS the clearcut winner.  It doesn’t surprise me because I have used WLS on my WM phones for some time and find it gives me better answers quicker when I’m looking for something local.  I find it particularly useful when I’m traveling and looking for restaurants or other businesses nearby.  Reading Dwight’s findings brings clarity to the Nokia announcement that they will soon be putting WLS on some of their S60 devices.  Dwight has some good comparisons with lots of screenshots showing off the two services so head on over and take a look before he runs Google Maps out of town.



Paul J Shadwell

I agree, the interface is much better than Google maps but for Europe it’s useless. On Google Maps I can zoom right down to my street, switch to Satellite and can see my house. On WLS the best I can do is see my town as a blur.
Look for Zurich Switzerland and you’ll see what I mean.
How this makes WLS better than Google I’m not sure. Unless you only compare it for US usage.


WLS really has a better interface than GMM. I have amazed to see that. It also seems to be faster in loading than GMM, at least on my HTC 620. The only real downside for me is that it does really work outside of the US or UK.

I tried to run a few searches for things here in Germany, but it doesn´t find anything. But for using it in the US it is absolutely brilliant.


I’m not surprised at all that WLS was chosen the favorite. This is one case of Microsoft blowing Google out of the water. When I was using the Dopod C730 (with a nasty input bug) I had to use GMM over WLS since I couldn’t type in searches. Now that I’m using a Blackjack and Advantage, I’m in WLS heaven again. The only complaint I have with WLS and the Advantage is that it seems to take a bit longer to get a GPS fix than GMM. The interface in WLS seems to just make more sense on a mobile device.

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