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MySpace's Fashion Channel Is Ready To Wear For Upscale Consumers

MySpace (NYSE: NWS) debuts its revamped its Fashion channel today, ahead of New York’s Fashion Week starting September 5. Its makeover complete, BusinessWeek notes that MySpace Fashion has pulled in branded, non-exclusive content partners such as Time Inc.’s InStyle magazine and Conde Nast pubs. It also has a raft of other features, including video, that serve to promote established and upcoming designers, who can hope to capture attention by being placed on the personal pages of fashion stars like Issac Mizrahi.

The BW piece offers an answer to the skepticism expressed in an earlier Ad Age article (subscription req.) that wondered whether MySpace Fashion, which had its beta launch in January, could have trouble attracting upscale apparel marketers like Chanel because the Fox Interactive Media social net is still often seen for teens and college-aged demos. Citing comScore figures from July, MySpace’s BW finds that MySpace does have an older, more sophisticated member base than often assumed: most MySpace members are 35-years-old and older (32,192,000 total unique monthly visitors in that category), compared to those 25- to-34 (12,147,000), and 18- to-24 (11,871,000). The majority of MySpace households bring in between $40,000 to $59,999, while over 15 million members have household incomes of $100,000 or more number.

WWD: So with MySpace assured of its attraction to the well-heeled – both in an earning sense as well as fashionwise – the social net will continue to build out its upscale fashion offerings. The social net is also planning to promote its MySpace Boudoir channel to coincide with Paris’ upcoming couture and men’s ready-to-wear shows.

2 Responses to “MySpace's Fashion Channel Is Ready To Wear For Upscale Consumers”

  1. Hi David,
    This is topic I am very interested in, thanks for your opinion on

    IMHO, this is a NOT very impressive accomplishment from mysapce, but certainly a great PR story that brough them (at least) 2 pages in Business Week:

    – This is just a page, with links to existing content
    – It looks slicker than other myspace pages because the rest of the pages are a mess
    – The InStyle partership is just an RSS feed plugged into the page
    – You and I can go on "Rent a coder" and find someone to create the same page on myspace for $75.

    BUT: great PR story, which allows myspace to share cool demographics. Now, I would curious to know how many ACTIVE users really fall into the high end demographics. Advertisers care about eyeballs with a credit card, not just a user account that was created 2 years ago and used twice.