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Audi to Cut C02: Automaker Audi wants to cut 20% of CO2 emissions produced by its car models by 2012 — Green Car Congress.

Offshore Wind: Richard T. Stuebi explains why he thinks Long Island could pull the plug on its planned offshore wind project, while Cleveland’s Lake Erie wind project lives on — Cleantech Blog.

Energy Efficiency and the Bottom Line: Companies realizing that implementing energy-saving programs and technologies can increase profits — Wall Street Journal.

Sharp’s Cleantech Class: Electronics giant Sharp will partner with Osaka University to offer a course on clean production technologies. Sharp will pony up 100 million yen (about $862k) to finance the course — release.

A Practical Fuel Cell: A new fuel cell design could allow laptops to run up to 50 hours without needing a recharge — Technology Review.

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