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MySpace Debating Allowing Users To Start Commerce/Selling On Their Pages

After holding out for long and being the subject of some controversies along the route, MySpace (NYSE: NWS) is debating on whether to allow commerce between its members, reports LAT. Till now, its reasoning was that it didn’t want to jeopardize the corporate advertising that accounts for the vast majority of its profit. But with Facebook and other social nets allowing it, and with some amount of success, it is now thinking about it. The users are already doing it, and policing that has been a hard task for the small staff enforcing the rules, hence the possible change of mind.

The company talked to Google and EBay about teaming up to organize user-to-user sales, but nothing has emerged. Also, for widget companies, possibilities include allowing some widget makers to sell ads within the mini-programs and take a cut, as well as letting the outside companies sell ads on their own profile pages.

Also, as we mentioned on Friday, it is now beginning to allow targeted advertising, and has begun inviting a few of its advertisers to target 10 groups of users, said Michael Barrett, chief revenue officer for Fox Interactive. In an internal test that tried to reach users interested in fashion, such targeting increased the response rate by 85 percent, Barrett said.