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MTNL Launches VoIP Service in New Delhi

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MTNL tied up with Aksh Optifibre to launch India

4 Responses to “MTNL Launches VoIP Service in New Delhi”

  1. Are you sure that these paid plans offer x minutes of "PC-to-PC calls"?
    Why would someone want to pay for PC-to-PC calls when all messengers allow that for free.
    Infact providers like Skype, Voipbuster and Jajah offer PC-to-phone calls at a discounted rate. Is the use of those services illegal in India?

  2. Ajay Gupta

    I know there has been a lot of talk around VOIP regulation in India. Would be great if someone can clarify where the situation stands with PC to phone? Is there an option where someone can pay for PC to phone calls over VOIP?