From Grand Theft Auto to Joost Jockey


At the age of 28, Noelle Sadler has already done more than most: The San Diego native went from working at a movie company to producing one of the best-selling Grand Theft Auto games, all before packing up and moving to Barcelona to get her MBA. Once she was enrolled in the IESE Business School, she started keeping a blog in order to stay in touch with her family and friends. The blog quickly became an honest testimonial for life at IESE, and her eclectic and no-holds barred writing style found her some new fans: the Joost team.

Sadler’s global, nomadic lifestyle and her past experience with video made her perfect for a new gig the Joost team was plotting: Joost Jockey. Part MTV VeeJay/part blogger, Sadler is going to be blogging about Joost and the content that’s available on the Joost P2P TV service. There isn’t that much content right now, but as the number of channels increases, Sadler will be one of the folks who’ll help the rest of us sort through it.

“I will link to the stuff directly and eventually I will have my own channel, where I will talk about various Joost programs,” she said in a phone interview yesterday. Sounds like a pretty cool gig, but Sadler’s not ready to give up the notion of a day job just yet and will soon start working for a large, Barcelona-based advertising agency. “The best part of being a Joost jockey is that I can do it from anywhere,” she noted.

Joost isn’t the only online video startup that’s using blogging to highlight its content. Jaman, a San Mateo, Calif.-based Joost competitor, has already hired “Jamanista,” and Brightcove runs “Video Addict.” The reason many of these companies are turning to in-house bloggers is because they still have trouble helping people discover their content. I guess we’re going to see an increase in the number of “content discovery bloggers” over the next few months.



Hi New TeeVee,

Thanks for covering this timely topic. I write the daily blog for Brightcove (Video Addict — and I’m excited and honored to receive recognition in your article.

As “BC VJ” (and site editor for, I do my best to highlight great content — from the hidden gems that might otherwise be overlooked, all the way up to the most popular viral vids.

I’ve been writing the blog since January, so there’s a ton of fun clips to discover in our backlog, as well as in the more recent entries.

Thanks so much for the shout-out, and take care,


This is a great move by Joost who’s own corporate blog is really lacking sporadically updated and doesn’t allow reader comments .

Your right about content discovery being a nightmare but as more metadata gets incorporated into the search on these platforms I think it will get better and Im sure their will be recommendation algorithms built in based on your viewing history and preferences.

As for having content discovery bloggers I think its a great idea and is similar to TV reviewers in the Daily Paper.

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