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Friday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

Block the New YouTube Ads, autoplay blocker extension has a new use. (Chris Finke, Digital Inspiration)

Cable Companies Unveil New DRM, DTCP-IP will allow customers to move some content from set-top box to PC and portable devices with revokable device license keys a la AACS. (Ars Technica)

Finn Fined for Defamation, after posting video mocking his teacher to the web a young Finnish student has been fined a few hundred euros by the local court. (Mercury News)

YouTube Touts New Community Features; including comment ratings, video response states, revamped “toolbox” documentation and a YouTube News show starring Peter Zottolo. (YouTube Blog)

Blogger Platform Unveils Video Uploads; a popular topic of discussion at Pixelodeon is now live and using what looks like the old Google Video player. (Blogger Buzz)