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Murdoch Making Calls To Convince Departing WSJ's Reporters

Earlier this week we got the same exact tip, but weren’t able to confirm it…LAT did. Rupert Murdoch has called at least three reporters who were considering leaving WSJ, or are being courted away (depending on who you want to believe). Among them: health reporter Tara Parker-Pope, who is joining NYT to start a health blog there, securities reporter Kate Kelly (also considering NYT) and money and investment reporter Henny Sender (considering FT). Murdoch told the reporters that they would be making a mistake to leave, that he valued all of the Journal’s coverage, and that positive changes were in store, reports LAT. Our sources say he was offering salary raises…LAT reports it’s unclear what effect the calls have had: Parker-Pope kept her resolve to go, while Kelly told others she had already decided to stay. Sender hasn’t decided.

On another Murdochian note, the reception area at WSJ’s World Financial Center offices received a mahogany reception desk because Murdoch thought what was there needed sprucing up. So we heard. Take it for what it is.