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Palm Foleo delayed, possibly due to smartphone synching issues

Palm_foleoI don’t think folks should be too hard on Palm for a delay of the Foleo considering there was never an officially announced release date. However, it does look like the rumored late August launch was real. Notice the word "was": according to a Deutsche Bank analyst, the device won’t be seen until late September or early October. The issue appears to be a smartphone synchronization issue between the Foleo and some Treo models. This is actually surprising since the core competency of the device is as a "smartphone companion".

The way I see it: Palm has missed a huge sales opportunity not getting this device out by now. While we might have a "ho-hum" Folio attitude in general as consumers, the device is really geared towards the suits. After 15 years in the corporate world I can tell you that most companies are setting or already have set their discretionary budget for next year at this point. That will make the Folio a tough sell in large quantities for most companies simply because the dollars might not be there.

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  1. I’m officially over the Foleo now. I’m investigating ways of marrying a low power/cost 7″ – 10.4″ LCD Touch screen (like a Lilliput), keyboard and self contained batter pack with either a Symbian or Linux phone.
    Any phone with a good camera, GPS and WiFi will do. Ideally an upgraded N95 with a larger native display and Symbian Blue tooth touch screen plus IR keyboard support?