BP Backs Off Lake Dumping


bpgreen1.jpgGuess BP wasn’t too happy with being accused of greenwashing by endless critics and the media. The company put out a release this morning in which it “pledges no increase” in the dumping of discharge into Lake Michigan from its Whiting Refinery. BP had obtained a permit to increase the amount of waste it was dumping in the lake, but now says:

“We will not make use of the higher discharge limits in our new permit,” said BP America Chairman and President Bob Malone, “. . . ongoing regional opposition to any increase in discharge permit limits for Lake Michigan creates an unacceptable level of business risk for this $3.8 billion investment.”

Though the language in the release makes me think that this might not be the end of the issue. BP writes that during the next 18 months the company will explore options on how to meet the lower dumping requirement.

There’s been a widespread critical reaction to BP gaining the permit to dump more waste. Check out Pearl Jam singing a “Don’t Go to BP Amoco” song.

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