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Software maker Logix Microsystems Launches Car Portal Carazoo

Bangalore-based software maker Logix Microsystems has launched its car portal,, catering to the needs of car buyers/sellers, car makers, dealers, financiers, insurance providers and car accessory suppliers. The Rs 33 crore company has invested around Rs 6 crore on the portal. [via Business Standard]
The site currently offers information on cars of 17 makes, in 77 models and 300 variants. Second-hand cars can also be purchased. Logix has currently tied up with 38 dealers in South India and 12 in West.

Rival Web sites include Carwale, in which Seedfund has picked up 30 percent stake, AutoIndia, Indimoto, DriveInside, IndiaAutomobile (Bharatmatrimony Group)AutomartIndia, Bharatautomobiles.

5 Responses to “Software maker Logix Microsystems Launches Car Portal Carazoo”

  1. Yes Abhi….this forum is slowly becoming a place to spam and do self marketing…. you can say user generated /posted contextual ads !!

    Wondering if such ourtight promotional posts should be deleted or freedom of speech be upheld ! Over to you guys!

  2. Stop doing SELF Marketing here buddies. It really looks CHEAP. This is really meant for carazoo and Everyone know who does what…..So Pls STOP!

  3. I am completely satidfied with!
    I personally feel they ahve the most comprehensive updated portal and their animations are a huge plus. In fact it was the animations which attracted me in the first place. I was bored visiitgn car sites without images or animations.

    People at have been extremely helpful whenever I have called them. I recently purchased a Used car featured on their site and they went out of wasy to ensure I got the best deal!

    Kudos Carazoo.