Nokia Offers Windows Live Services On S60 Phones

Nokia has signed a deal with Microsoft to include direct access to Windows Live services (Hotmail, Messenger, Contacts and Spaces) through the “Download!” feature on S60 handsets. The two companies have signed a revenue-sharing deal (the specific terms were not revealed) for the services, which will be offered as a free trial initially followed by a “nominal fee per month” if people want to keep using them, reports InfoWorld. And the carriers? Let’s not forget these services inherently use data, which carriers want to sell. The initial handsets covered will be the Nokia N73, N80 Internet Edition, N95, N76 and the N93i, which will be joined by S40 handsets in due course, adn the launch countries will be Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the U.K., Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates with other countries due to be added.


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