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Google Mobile Phone To Enter India?

Possibly the most error-ridden story I’ve read in a while: Business Standard has a very speculative story on Google’s supposed phone (dubbed Gphone), and how it has started talks with operators in India for an exclusive launch on one of their networks. It says that talks are being held with Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and BSNL. I think the writers have confused Google mobile service, for which it might be talking to the operators, with Gphone, which is nowhere near any state of readiness to launch in U.S., much less an Asian country.

Some bad errors:
— It is believed to be a fortnight away from the worldwide launch of its much-awaited Google Phone(Gphone). Then, down the story, it says US regulatory approval, which is expected soon, is the only hurdle that Google is waiting to cross. If and when it is approved, it will take along time to launch in U.S…..then it would have to go through local country approvals, which will again take a long time.
— It says:Google plans to invest $7-8 billion for its global telephony foray. And then, down the story, it quotes a WSJ story from last month which said Google had invested

8 Responses to “Google Mobile Phone To Enter India?”

  1. Aseem Bajaj, sorry u dont understand what google is, if you develop somethign and want to keep it to yourself then you willl never grow

    BlogsDNA, you dont belong here, stop writing, google is not a ISP for good heavens sake.

  2. VAS-Guy

    I am sure lots of journalists are challenged understanding this whole mobile/digital media/VAS business.

    One of the main reasons which makes CS, a default destination for new media business news instead of such newspaper's sites.

    BTW, BS can be spelt as B**l S**t too ;-) Oops, sorry big guys!

  3. Deep throat

    Hi ,

    A trustable source inside IMI mobile says that IMI has got the google mobile deal, wherein IMI will be responsible for integrating the connectivity across various networks in India. ( Apparently IMI also manages the yahoo shortcode) !