Going Orgasmic Over Facebook's Targeted Ad Plans

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WSJ goes orgasmic over some plans from Facebook to add targeted advertising on its site inside users’ profile pages. The gist of it: display ads and boxed flyers don’t work because no one bothers to look at them, so Facebook is planning targeted ads, perhaps a tad to targeted, and will show them in the “news feed,” the running list of short updates on the activities of a user’s Facebook friends (a bit like the Sponsor Post thing we do here, within the main RSS feed). And then, this may piss off Microsoft because of the existing deal, or some users. Either way, good for them for trying to build a more robust business model, but not world- or even company-changing as much as the story would like to have you believe.

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Jerry Bradshaw

This is going to make a lot of their users extremely mad.

I can't believe they would spend so much of their time focusing on the user then do something like this that will obviously be a huge breach of trust.

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