The Daily Sprout


Solar Thermal in Idaho: Honolulu’s solar thermal startup Sopogy, which raised a $3 million round in Jan., plans to build a 50 kilowatt plant in Idaho to test its solar thermal technology. (Inside GreenTech).

Hybrid Trucks: PACCAR and Eaton Corporation announced that they’re going to be working together to develop proprietary hybrid technology for North American “heavy-duty commercial vehicles.” ( release)

Safer Fuel Cells: Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are investigating a new way to store hydrogen that might make it possible to safely power cars. (release)

It’s Hard to be Clean: Newsday gives an overview on what we all know; we’re going to have to rely on alternative fuels for some of our energy needs, but those fuels come will come with a high price tag. (Newsday)

Cleantech Stock Options Limited: The Motley Fool’s Jack Uldrich discusses Harris & Harris’s risky approach to cleantech investing, which makes investment in early-stage start-ups that face plenty of competition. (Motley Fool)

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