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Restore abruptly closed web sessions in IE with IEPlus


One of the many reasons I enjoy using Firefox so much is the ability to restore a browsing session if the app closes accidentally on purpose. You know what I mean: you close the app without intending to or it crashes. You can easily restore your last session, complete with multiple tabs if you had them open when re-opening Firefox. So what’s an Internet Explorer user to do? You can have multiple tabs in IE7, but you’re SOL on restoring your session if the app closes, right?

Try loading up the free IEPlus add-in and you’ll be able to restore your browsing session in IE, according to Amit at Digital Insipiration. If you choose not to restore your full session, you can pick and choose from a list of previously opened sites; a nice feature. IEPlus also adds in features like close tab on double click, super drag and drop, browse historymanagement, multi-proxy management, mouse gesture, ads block based onURL and content, URL shortcuts. IEPlus is supported on IE6 for XP and IE7 for Vista.

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  1. GoodThings2Life


    I’ve been using IE7Pro at for the same functionality plus several other features like:

    Mouse Gestures
    Save Page to Image
    Inline Page Search (like Firefox)
    Spell Check

    Might be worth a look to you and your readers.