9to5Mac Claims Next Gen Nano Leak


A new entrant to the Mac rumors scene, 9to5mac.com, claims to have received insider tips on the next generation of iPod Nano portable music devices from Apple – first issuing a post on Saturday with five new colors, including new cranberry and light green shades, and now, purporting to have the all too familiar “spy shots”, a typically blurry photo showing the pre-release products themselves.

In today’s story, Nano Spy Pics, the site shows five “new” iPod Nanos in a flower configuration, with wide screen displays and a short profile. (See Image)

As far as “spy shots” are concerned, it’s on par with those that leaked Apple’s G4 Cube several years ago, but not high quality. In fact, by manipulating the image URL, 9to5Mac.com is also hosting a larger version of that same image, which clearly shows it was once a .psd Photoshop file. (See Image With Photoshop Border) This throws significant cold water on the rumor for those all set to believe. While I’m no professional photographer, I’d assume going the .psd route in Photoshop would intimate multiple layers, and presumably cry out a fake.

Do you think the rumors and photos are legitimate? And if they are, would the new, shorter, wide-screen iPod Nano find its way into your pocket?



I believe that what we are seeing is the replacement for the current video model. These will be available in 16GB and 32GB. There will also be a touchscreen model that will run $50-100 more. These will be flash-based as well. It’s likely this higher-end model will have Wi-Fi and may allow streaming of content from your LAN. This content will either be your own library, or possibly a subscription service.

Matt Radel

Ohhh…Apple made them take ’em down. That’s interesting. I don’t recall that ever happening.


over the years i have seen many pictures of supposed new ipods, imacs, new laptops and iphones.

everytime these pictures have turned out to be fakes.

these nano’s look disgusting. whoever created these fakes lacks imagination if you ask me.

Louis Gray

@Raven: It certainly could be. There’s two ways to go… either it’s real as you suggest, or the rumor is from a good impostor who knows Apple’s typical branding. That’s all part of the fun.


I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but what about a leaked .psd of an upcoming ad? That fanned arrangement does call to mind other Apple ads, at least in my mind.


Not to mention the shadows on each ipod are totally inconsistent with what should be a single light source, fake!

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