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Green Power Costs Going Up?: The demand for renewable energy credits (RECs) in Silicon Valley is outpacing the amount of land needed to provide clean energy; will the cost of RECs rise? — Green Options.

Pearl Jam Not Impressed With BP Dumping, Either: Check out this video of Pearl Jam singing ‘Don’t Go to BP Amoco’ in response to BP’s permit to dump more waste in Lake MichiganYouTube.

Bingeing on Ethanol: The LA Times takes a detailed look at the ethanol hype — sorry subscription, LA Times.

Going Walkabout: Good ol walking is eco-friendly transportation (don’t ask this guy). Check out this web site that allows you to score the ‘walk score’ of addresses — Inhabitat, and WalkScore.

Road to Green Is Paved With Solar: Literally if you ask Solar Roadways, a company that want to make roads built out of solar panels — TreeHugger.

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