Open Thread: Handling Invoice Reminders

As an independent contractor, it’s not enough to invoice for the work you’re doing. You also have to make sure that your invoices get paid. In the best of all possible worlds, all of your clients pay on time. But what if they don’t?

At the very least, you need to keep track of the date that your invoices are due, and remind clients when they’re late. But when do you send the reminder? Some people advocate waiting just one day and then emailing or calling; others give a week or two weeks’ grace period. Others, even more hard-core about getting paid (or more badly burned in the past) issue proactive reminders: notes one and two weeks before an invoice is due, to make sure that it hasn’t been forgotten. Personally, I think that’s rather obnoxious; I’d rather move a perennially late client to shorter terms than nag everyone.

What’s your own experience with invoice reminders? Do you use a service like BlinkSale to help you automate the process? Or do you just throw late-paying clients to the wolves after a single warning?  


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