It’s baaacckk! OQO hits Mobile Tech Manor


The OQO Model 02 is back once again and it’s settling in to Mobile Tech Manor as I write this.  The good folks at Dynamism and OQO took note of the cursor drifting problem I was having with the first unit that Dynamism sent me to evaluate and OQO stepped up and send a brand spanking new unit direct from Singapore.  I’ll have a lot to say about the OQO 02 when I get it built up to specifications (mine) but for now here’s a pic (two more after the jump):


Cimg0258 Cimg0257_2


John in Norway

My desktop does it sometimes and that doesn’t have a touchscreen! I’ve even gone back to using wired keyboard and mouse. The mouse is USB though so I’m wondering if that has anything to with it?

Mike Moore

My contribution on what I know about wandering cursors, FWIW:
1. The Tablet PCBuzz NEC section had frequent and ongoing discussion of the wandering cursor. When people sent them in for repairs they came back often not repaired, or only transiently so, after a host of various things had been done. The “consensus” was that EM interference was involved, especially so with the small and condensed form factor.

One fellow (“Tummy”, I believe) authored and gave away a software answer to the problem. The main hardware adaptation was to take the computer apart and add a sheet of aluminum foil to the back of the insulation of the digitizer screen.

Various factors were observed to affect the problem, including:
1. Temperature- higher temperatures made it worse, cooling via external devices helped.
2. Devices that could be adjusted with Notebook Hardware Control to lower voltage were greatly improved.
3. Voltage of the machine- charging with an iGO at a voltage of less than the 19 the NEC adapter generated helped.
4. Putting a “cable shield” about 1 inch up from the tip of the pen.

2. I actually had it happen once with my desktop when I was using a wireless mouse. I don’t remember if I replaced the battery ot moved something that had its own EM field between the mouse and the pick up. It clearly seemed to be related to a “weak signal” to tell the cursor what to do.

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