Apple Knocks $100 Off Refurb iPhones


refurb iphone
This obviously isn’t a regular price drop, alas, the wildly popular – and successful – iPhone just dropped on the public a month and a half ago. But there are refurbished models available on Apple’s Hot Deals site. If you act quickly, you’ll be able to grab a 4GB iPhone for $399 (instead of $499) and an 8GB iPhone for $499 (instead of $599).

Apple’s refurbished products still carry a standard warranty, and are eligible for AppleCare protection for an added cost ($69). In my experience, refurbished items from Apple are very reliable, and usually a great bargain, so if you’ve been waiting for your iPhone, this $100 deal may be the right incentive you’ve been waiting for.

EDIT: title change – seriously? People thought the new-phone price would already drop on a month old piece of hardware? Ok, the still accurate title defines that it’s actually refurb models.



Nick, thanks for making the change.

You seriously don’t think that the original headline implied that the price of the iPhone – no qualifier – had been lowered by $100? Without a qualifier, the implication is “new” – not “refurb”. Something like “Get an iPhone for $400” would have been just as traffic-worthy but less misleading.


I agree. Very misleading. Apple offering discounts on refurb items is pretty standard. I’m not sure why various blogs are trying to hype the iPhone refurbs as something special or out of the ordinary.

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