Google News Starts Test With YouTube Video From BBC, CBS, Others

Starting today, Google News (Nasdaq: GOOG) will incorporate click-and-expand news video from some YouTube content partners as part of a limited test. Content providers taking part include BBC, Hearst TV stations, Reuters (Nasdaq: RTRSY) and CBS (NYSE: CBS). No ad-supported video is involved although some may include promos for the content provider. In terms of content, not all of the video in those channels on YouTube will be turn up in Google News and breaking news isn’t likely to show up for now. It’s also limited to the U.S., UK and Ireland.

On the most narrow level, this is about Google News trying to grow its capabilities, with the recent comment additions as another example, Primarily, though, it’s about Google trying to show its depth and reach across services — and the ways it can integrate YouTube. More from the official Google News blog.

Another example of integration went live this week, as well: Google Book Search meshing with Google Earth. Scanned books from the public domain have been matched to actual locations within Google Earth, with book icons denoting when a location has been written about. Clicking takes you to the mention in the scanned book. More details at the official Google Earth Blog. Also this post from the Google Book Search blog.


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