Office clean-out continues: Slingbox Classic is up for grabs

Slinglbox_classicNow what am I going to do with two Slingboxes? Sure, I could stream multiple channels of content, but I don’t want to be greedy. Besides there’s only so many times I can watch "High School Musical 2". No, I’d rather share the Sling experience with a jkOTR reader, so here’s your chance to win a barely used Slingbox Classic. [Sorry, I’m keeping the Slingbox PRO that’s connected to my HDTV receiver!]

You know the drill; just leave a comment in this thread and my kids will pick a random winner on Friday. You can try to be clever in your comment, but I’ll be honest, they won’t read ‘em all! ;) You have until the end of the day on Thursday to enter. This might not be popular with some, but I’m going to limit this one to our readers in the U.S. and Canada since Sling supports those countries and we’ve got the whole NTSC thing going on here for television broadcasts. Hey don’t complain to me: go hit up your government and fuss about broadcast standards, ‘k?


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