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Times Of India Group Invests Rs. 21.5 Crore In World Phone

Bennett, Coleman & Co Limited, better known as the Times of India group, has invested Rs 21.5 crore in World Phone, a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Internet service provider (ISP), reports group publication ToI. World Phone is backed by WPI Group Inc, and is a Category A ISP. Its key clients include HCL, NIIT, NDTV, TCS, Ebix Software and DCM Technologies. World Phone also retails VoIP phone instruments.

On a related note, do read about TRAI’s recommendations on VoIP, here. Telecom operators don’t seem to be too worried yet about VoIP, but with an increase in broadband penetration, and (hopefully) an increase wireless coverage (either WiMax or a WiFi mesh network), their business model of charging per minute for voice calls is going to be eventually under serious threat.

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