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Microsoft Retails Xbox 360 Elite On Inditimes…Overpriced?

Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 Elite in India, and is retailing the console exclusively at Indiatimes. [via Techgadgets. There’s no mention of xBox 360 sales so far in India. The xBox 360 Elite has a 120 GB hard disk, apart from other features detailed here.

The 360 Elite is priced at Rs. 34990 (around $839 as per the site), while MS retails the same online for $449. Now if you add the 37.1 percent import duty to the best buy price, that becomes around $615. So Microsoft is retailing the Xbox 360 Elite at around $224 more (inclusive of import duty) in India. Amazes me, that in a price sensitive market like India, MS would mark-up its console by that much. I’d done a similar analysis for the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 core, here.

One Response to “Microsoft Retails Xbox 360 Elite On Inditimes…Overpriced?”

  1. Vineet Pabreja

    Unless it is a scew up I think the thinking at MS must be that if someone can afford to pay $615 for a gaming console they sure can pay $839 or some arbit number higher than $615. I think price sensitiveness comes into play for producs targeted to the middle class and below.