FreeConference Drops Lawsuit Against AT&T

[qi:90] The great call blocking battle that broke out in the spring of 2007 seems to be finally over, with one of the key players in the drama dropping its lawsuit against Ma Bell.

A few months ago some incumbent phone companies started blocking free conference calling services such as, that were using Iowa rural telecoms to terminate calls, squeezing out pennies from the large companies.

AT&T (T) claimed that the free calls might cost them $250 million. Qwest (Q), Sprint (FON) and Cingular all piled on bitterly complaining about the amount of money these free calling services were costing them.

Nonsense said,, which filed an anti-trust lawsuit against AT&T. CEO Alex Cory left us a message, saying that his company was dropping the lawsuit against Ma Bell.

Why, did he drop the law suit?, we asked Cory? He said FCC had intervened.

We dropped our suit once it was clear that call blocking was not going to be allowed and each carrier committed publicly to that position. It was a very expensive suit.

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