Tesla Founder, Former CEO Responds

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There’s been a lot of speculation about why Martin Eberhard, the founder and former-CEO of high-profile electric car company Tesla Motors, recently stepped down from his CEO position.

Eberhard gives his own take on what happened in this lengthy blog post ‘The Next Leg of the Race’ and basically says he stepped down because of his “own inexperience with large organizations and operations.”

“Tesla Motors has grown in size and complexity beyond twice the size and at least five times the complexity of any organization I have run before. I was becoming concerned that [this] . . .would soon become a limitation for the company’s success, and I set the machinery of change in motion in advance of any problems. — Martin Eberhard, Founder & President of Technology, Tesla Motors”

We’d like to give Eberhard some major props for quoting some of the more negative attention to the news. In his post he quotes a commenter that calls him “a yokel,” ” a prevaricator,” and an “unreliable version of PT Barnum.” It must have been hard to quote criticism that funny.

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