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Sharing EV-DO over WiFi for the EDGE iPhone. Oy!

Cm3sm1O’Grady’s Power Page shares the info: a company is apparently selling 3G routers to iPhone owners. Hey, I like a fast connection too, but I’m not sure I get the big draw here. WAAV’s AirBox cellular routers start at $499, offering an integrated 3G modem as well as WiFi and wired Ethernet ports to share the connection. It’s definitely a good solution for sharing a 3G connection in general, but I don’t think the target audience is iPhone owners.

Although I included EV-DO in the post title (mainly because WAAV focuses on EV-DO as a solution), these routers are available for AT&T’s HSDPA access as well. EV-DO plans and modems are available for both Verizon and Sprint service, but it still seems funny to me: using Verizon / Sprint data services for your AT&T iPhone. ;)

One Response to “Sharing EV-DO over WiFi for the EDGE iPhone. Oy!”

  1. orbitalcomp

    Hey, that’s one of the uses for my Kyocera KR-1 wifi router & Sprint Merlin S720 combo…I use it in my car and I can connect my iPhone via wifi to Orb and stream audio. Plus, my setup was about half the price…