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Multiply Social Network Comes To iPhone

iphone2.pngA few days after everyone went into a tizzy over Facebook launching an iPhone-specific website, another social networking service, Multiply has come out with its iPhone-ready site. (Check it out here at It is amazing how many social services are spending money and optimizing for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, betting that the device would only gain in popularity. According to M:Metrics, a market research firm, some 7.5 million Americans or 3.5% of all mobile subscribers accessed mobile social networking. [digg=]

Liz Gannes wrote about Multiply back in November 2006, when they launched a mobile version of its network. At the time, she wrote, the problem with the network is that it “isn’t completely open, and it doesn’t have a niche, so growth is hard.”

According to the Boca Raton, Florida-based company, Multiply has grown since, and had 9.4 million unique visitors in July 2007. The iPhone version of Multiply allows people to view blog entries amongst other things. At login the users are taken to a message board which has all their updates.

6 Responses to “Multiply Social Network Comes To iPhone”

  1. musictomyears

    Companies like Facebook have had mobile versions of their webpage for quite a while. I don’t have an iPhone but would like to see the difference in design from, which works on all other phones including my treo, compared to this new iPhone look.

  2. Multiply is a nice social network if you want a ‘walled off’ network. It is not a network where you search for interaction with people you do not know. I.E. privacy for connected people.

    In terms of facilities provided it is as good or better than the other social networks around — though it does not have lots of third party services.

    But it seems to get no respect from people interested in the latest . . .