Friday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

No Good TV Going to TV, the ‘too hot for television,’ raunchy, promotional junket network — which has been a certifiable hit on YouTube — is coming to an OldTeeVee near you. (Variety)

YouTube the Kleenex of Funny Videos, UK research suggests there’s a correlation between a decline in searches for generic ‘funny videos’ and a rise in searches for ‘youtube’. (Hitwise Intelligence)

Suspected Simpsons Pirate Charged, after Australian police raid the home of 21-year old Sydney resident in the culmination of an investigation by News Corp. (NWS), among others. (AP)

Comcasts Hammers BitTorrent Protocol, customers of the ISP have reported that, due to a new effort to shape traffic, it’s now nearly impossible to seed files on the popular file-sharing network. (TorrentFreak)

Viewers Watching Ads for Fun, with the line between advertising and entertainment getting blurrier, Gregg Hano of The New York Times Popular Science talks to Andy Plesser as he takes a look at the trend of accepting advertising as entertainment. (NY Times, Beet.TV)