Nokia Seeks Additional Ban On Qualcomm Chips From ITC


Now Nokia has asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban the import of some Qualcomm chips, claiming they infringe five Nokia patents. I don’t know whether the handset maker planned to do this before the ITC handed out a ban in response to Broadcom’s litigation, but it had to have been heartened by occurence. Nokia’s real goal is to force Qualcomm to negotiate on a cross-licensing deal, and if it can get the ban its bargaining position will increase significantly. Of course, Qualcomm is also attacking Nokia over patent issues, and could reciprocate.

“The patents in question relate to technologies that improve the performance and efficiency of wireless communication devices as well as enabling lower manufacturing costs, smaller product size and increased battery life,” Nokia said in this Reuters article. “These technologies are important to Nokia’s success as they allow its products to have competitive advantages over those of competitors.”

Qualcomm’s lawyers are now under fire and threatened with penalties for withholding information during a Broadcom trial, details in the San Diego Tribune.

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