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Thursday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

PodTech CEO Steps Down; John Furrier had been beat up lately over the digital media company’s struggles. COO James McCormick moves up to the lead role. (PodTech blog)

Activists Rally Against iPlayer DRM, staging protests outside the offices of the BBC calling on the Prime Minister to step in and stop the practice of protecting content they paid for through the national television license. (Inside Online Video)

Minnesota Stories For Sale, founder Chuck Olsen is moving on to new projects and is offering his locally-focused online video site to interested buyers. (Chuckumentary)

Show Streaming on MySpace Prior to Season; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is teasing fans with a weeklong run of an episode from the upcoming season. (Variety)

Hearst-Argyle Television launches High School Playback, getting players and fans to submit photos and video for coverage. (via tips; see site)

Scientific-American Wants User-Gen Videos; must be science-related, of course. (Digital Media Wire)

2 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines”

  1. r.e: BBC

    BBC customer sai, “Mah DRM is dead. It is no more…..”

    BBCKItteh sai, “it is just stunned…. is Norwegian Blue DRM… is jus’ restin’!”

    BBC customer sai, “DRM is dead! It cease to be! I can has Creative Commons?”

    BBCKitteh sai, ” He moved! Serious!”

    BBC customer sai, “Definately deceased!”

    Eric Idle sai, “We can has e-mail SPAM sketch now? Kthx!”

    It has ceased to be….