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Ethanol IPO Not So Sweet: Brazilian sugar and ethanol company raises $1 billion less than planned in IPO – Forbes; Reuters.

Toyko Thin Film: Showa Shell, Japan’s fifth-biggest oil refiner plans to invest $127 million in non-silicon thin-film “solar batteries” – Reuters.

Fuel Cell Speed Demon: The Ford Hydrogen 999, a car powered by a custom Ford-designed 350 kW fuel cell, set a speed record for a fuel-cell car, hitting speeds up to 207.298 mph – Green Car Congress.

U.S. Needs Thin Film: The U.S. has already lost out on being a leader in the production of crystalline solar, but can the States take and keep the lead in thin film solar technology? – Seeking Alpha.

Drought Via Ethanol: Experts at a water conference in Stockholm warmed that there’s not enough water to go around for both food and biofuels production –

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