i-mate axes most of Ultimate line


Smartphone maker i-mate created quite a stir when they announced a new Ultimate line of PDA/ smartphones consisting of five devices that included the 7150 clamshell which looked to be a good competitor to the HTC Advantage.  Word has come out today that i-mate is canceling all but two of the Ultimate line for reasons unknown.  Unfortunately they are only moving forward with the 6150 and 8150, arguably the two most boring of the line.  Let’s hope this information is proven to be false.  The two Ultimates are expected to ship in October.


(via engadget mobile)

UPDATE: Crave is reporting that this is a rumor and untrue according to i-mate.  I am so glad to hear that!

CNET Asia contacted i-mate Asia Pacific and the official word is thecompany still plans to launch all models, but will do so in a staggeredfashion starting with the 8150 and 6150.



That’s depressing if true, the 7150 is without a doubt the coolest device in the lineup. The rest are pretty blah.

Guess we’ll have to hope that the HTC Omni is real and has features as rumored instead. I need a device that isn’t the size of a small suitcase like the Advantage and has a minimum of a VGA screen, a keyboard and HSDPA.


The problem, as I understand it, is that I-mate was never a “smartphone maker”. Rather, they rebranded and customized HTC devices. When HTC started to market the devices themselves I-mate lost its main producer.

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