Trying To Grow Up: Technorati Loses CEO; So Does Podtech

Yesterday some reshuffling at Facebook, today two more (much smaller and deeply troubled) Valley companies:
Technorati, the blog search engine, lost its CEO and founder Dave Sifry…he stepped down even as the company had been looking for a replacement CEO for a while now. It also laid off eight employees. Blog search is a dog.
— Then, PodTech, the podcasting networking, also appointed a new CEO…actually, promoted its COO to the new CEO, and former CEO and founder John Furrier has stepped down. Podcast network/production/aggregation is a dog too.

Update: Since I posted this, I got some e-mails asking for more explanation about my comments about both sectors being “a dog”. I thought it was obvious why, to people who follow the sectors and our site closely. Blog search is in itself an important tool, but very tough to make it work as an end destination…blog search as part of general search is where it could be monetized, not as a standalone, at least not on any level of scale. That’s on the business side. Secondly, on the technical side, trying to update the vast blog search index every few minutes/seconds to reflect the ever growing blogosphere is technically a huge task, something startup will always have a tough time undertaking.

On the podcasting sector, similar argument: it works within iTunes, because it is a media consumption environment with podcasting being on of them. Outside, as a destination, especially with something as non-exhaustive as PodTech, the game becomes much harder.