AOL Gives Video Search Engine Truveo New Life As Stand-Alone Site

A year and half after purchasing it, AOL has launched a new, stand-alone version of video search engine Truveo. Billing it as a “one-stop shop” for all manner of online video, three-year-old Truveo had previously served as a demo site for developers, Mediaweek noted. Now, as an independent consumer site, Truveo will let viewers find, as well as save and share videos.

Timothy Tuttle, Truveo’s CEO and co-founder and SVP of AOL Video, told me yesterday on the reasoning behind Truveo’s relaunch: “Since the AOL acquisition, we never put any emphasis on the Truveo brand since we were focusing on powering other 3rd-party sites (including AOL). With the huge growth we have seen in the past year, and the fact that Truveo is well-regarded in the industry, AOL has decided to push Truveo as the brand for web-wide video search.” It faces competition from video search sites like Blinkx, to video aggregation sites, and then general search sites with added video search.