Coffee break- maxing out the Advantage

Coffee_man_5The Plantronics Pulsar 590E Bluetooth headphones arrived yesterday afternoon and after getting it all charged up I threw it into my little bag and headed off to the old Starbucks.  The audio quality is quite nice but the jury is still out if the microphone is going to be good enough. I don’t plan to use the microphone much anyway so no big deal.

I decided to try and max out the HTC Advantage so here’s what I have going on as I write this:

Streaming radio through Resco Radio via HSDPA
Plantronics headphones via Bluetooth
ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard
ThinkOutside Bluetooth Travel Mouse
Web browsing in Opera (HSDPA)
Outlook push email (HSDPA)


I am surprised how well the Advantage is keeping up with the three Bluetooth devices running simultaneously.  Nothing is missing a beat, although the headphones drop out occasionally.  I haven’t had them long enough to tell if this is normal or if it’s because I am overextending my welcome. I do have to manually reconnect the headphones from the Advantage every time I turn them off and on again which is a pain. A great part of just carrying the Advantage around is I can get by with a small bag and it warms my heart to pull out the old Victorinox Swiss Army mini-backpack. Oh yes it does.



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