Coffee break- maxing out the Advantage


Coffee_man_5The Plantronics Pulsar 590E Bluetooth headphones arrived yesterday afternoon and after getting it all charged up I threw it into my little bag and headed off to the old Starbucks.  The audio quality is quite nice but the jury is still out if the microphone is going to be good enough. I don’t plan to use the microphone much anyway so no big deal.

I decided to try and max out the HTC Advantage so here’s what I have going on as I write this:

Streaming radio through Resco Radio via HSDPA
Plantronics headphones via Bluetooth
ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard
ThinkOutside Bluetooth Travel Mouse
Web browsing in Opera (HSDPA)
Outlook push email (HSDPA)


I am surprised how well the Advantage is keeping up with the three Bluetooth devices running simultaneously.  Nothing is missing a beat, although the headphones drop out occasionally.  I haven’t had them long enough to tell if this is normal or if it’s because I am overextending my welcome. I do have to manually reconnect the headphones from the Advantage every time I turn them off and on again which is a pain. A great part of just carrying the Advantage around is I can get by with a small bag and it warms my heart to pull out the old Victorinox Swiss Army mini-backpack. Oh yes it does.




No, you can do full posts too (not sure about extended entries and categories, though). You can publish and delete posts, but you can’t edit them for some reason. Crave recently wrote up a little piece about it here:

If full TypePad is reasonably manageable (lots of horizontal scrolling and unresponsive drop-down menus, I would imagine), then there may not be any reason to use the mobile version. Seems like a waste of the Advantage’s lovely screen estate :-)

James Kendrick

Mike, no YouTube, a real bummer. Adobe hasn’t updated the Windows Mobile Flash in a long time and it won’t play YouTube stuff.

Jenn, I have been using the full TP although Mobile TypePad might be worth a try. Doesn’t it just do photos, though? Full TP does have some issues, it works better in IE than it does in Opera which has big problems with TP.


What are you using to blog from the Advantage? Mobile TypePad, full TypePad, or something else?

Mike Cane

Oh, James, what’s the diff between how Opera behaves on the HTC vs the N800?

I forgot, did I ask about Flash video and YouTube?

Did I mention I Hate You? Ha!

Mike Cane

I still haven’t found a place to fondle it. Have others found it easily in CompUSA? Is it anywhere else?

James Kendrick

Yolanda, you’re right you can assign tags to programs. I forgot that.

Fernando, you can touch it with your finger like the iPhone.


James/Yolanda: do you touch it with your fingers (aka, more ala iPhone) or with your nails (more ala stylus)?

Yolanda Villa

James, haven’t played with it yet, but according to the help documentation on Voice Speed Dial, you can also create voice tags to launch programs.

Mike Cane

Looking at that picture, you fiend, you know the three words I have for you: I hate you!

Hmmm… about that BT mic. Shift can do voice rec at all? Wasn’t that built into WinMob somewhere along the line?


“Anyone have a recommendation for a “pendant style” bluetooth stereo headphone, to compare with the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980?”

Had them… hated them. I found the sound pretty lousy and that they weren’t all that comfortable. I am using the Sony VGP-BRM1BC bluetooth dongle. I like it because it allows me to not only use my own headphones but I connect it to my car stereo’s “aux-in” and can send the bluetooth signal over the car stereo.

So James… Buying one or not?

James Kendrick

Yvilla, I’m pretty sure you will like this device based on what I know about your past gadgets. You’re right, I hardly ever take the stylus out and instead just touch the screen to run it.

James Kendrick

Forgot to answer about the weight, it is negligible. Even in the case with the keyboard it’s about a pound I guess. Without those the device feels very light indeed. I have carried it frequently in the front pocket of Dockers for short walks and it’s not heavy.

James Kendrick

Frank, I haven’t run any conclusive battery benchmarks but it lasts all day with heavy usage. It uses a little phone battery and if I owned this unit I’d pick up a second one for emergencies, but I always do that. Note that I don’t use it as a phone that much but heavy on the data side.

eReader would no doubt work as well as MobiPocket does. The larger screen makes reading a real joy, and a side benefit it how much easier it is to read PDFs. I get a lot of reports via PDF and they are easy to read on this screen.

Frank McPherson

Ok, between the blog posts here and the MoTR Podcast I am getting the itch to buy an Advantage, but that price tag is really a big hurdle. :(

I don’t believe that I have read much about the battery life, what is it like?

I got to think that eReader works nice on the Advantage so it would be a good ebook reader, but what is the weight like?

Yolanda Villa

Oh, and on topic, anyone have a recommendation for a “pendant style” bluetooth stereo headphone, to compare with the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980? I’m looking for something much smaller than the Plantronics that James went with.

Yolanda Villa

Fernando, haven’t had too much use time yet since I just got mine from Amazon yesterday – after waiting forever it seems – but I can tell you it’s perfectly “touchable”!

So far I’m quite happy.

Northern Rebel

James are you remembering to extend the microphone when you want to use the hands free feature? If I use the 590 as a hands free device it will connect automatically, but to use the stereo headset I have to connect manually. I don’t ever remember reading this in the manual but I’ve had the stereo headset connected to my PC and the hands free connected to my smartphone at the same time.


Hi James: I am curious about this device, and it just became available at CompUSA where I live (so I am being tempted to take the ride and pick it up)… I am wondering about how “touchable” the screen is, particularly if I can use my fingers to dial numbers, check emails etc. I have to confess I have gotten a little bit tired of using styli (and from what I hear from you the stylus on this one is not good), and have been spoiled by using an iPhone for the past few weeks. Hmmm…

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