Biofuels Good for Rural Farmers, report says

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Not everyone is worrying over the effect of biofuels on the price of corn, tortillas, even gummy bears. A report from the Worldwatch Institute says that the rise in global agriculture prices from a biofuel boom could benefit many of the world’s rural poor.

The Institute says that farmers in developing nations have been hurt by U.S. and European subsidies to corn, cotton, and sugar crops, and argues that the rise in agriculture prices will help poor farmers get a “decent price.” The report also says that agriculture reforms to include sustainable practices and a concentration on non-food feedstock are needed to make sure that these benefits go to the rural poor.

“The question is not whether biofuels will play a major part in the global transportation fuel market, but when and at what price,” says Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute.

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