Updated: Nokia's Mosh Allowing Copyright-Infringing Sharing? Nokia Responds

Stuart Dredge over at PocketGamer has checked out Nokia’s new social networking site Mosh and noticed something that is likely to get Nokia in trouble at some point. “On the ‘Most Recent’ games uploads page we’ve found full versions of EA Mobile’s Burnout and FIFA 2007 3D, Gameloft’s Guitar Legend, and Glu’s Project Gotham Racing…We downloaded FIFA, and it worked first time on our N73.” It’s in private beta at the moment, so Nokia still has some time to sort out ways to prevent copyright-infringing content from being shared — if games are being shared it’s a certainty music and video is being shared too, and those industries are litigious. As Dredge points out, although there are other sites allowing copyright-infringing mobile content, they’re not backed by the biggest handset maker in the world.

UPDATE: Nokia has contacted us about this: “MOSH is operating under safeharbor provisions of applicable regulations, this means that MOSH does not actively monitor the content being submitted to MOSH. To address materials that are posted in violations of IPR laws, there is a Copyright Notification scheme in place where entities concerned about their content being posted on MOSH can and should notify us. Upon notification, MOSH will promptly remove the content of concern.” Nokia has already been contacted by content owners and removed content — such as the four games mentioned above. Nokia is “also working on some innovative and technological solutions that can assist [it] in protecting the rights of IPR holders”. That will go further to appeasing copyright owners.


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