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Indiatimes Does An iGoogle With MyIndiatimes

What’s the point? is the question that came to mind when I learned that Indiatimes has launched MyIndiatimes – allowing users to customize a page with content of their choosing using RSS feeds. It’s the same as iGoogle, albeit in beta. I think it would have been better to allow users to customize and add content to their main front page in order to make it more relevant – not launch a separate sub-property…though the issue of having to login to access personalized content remains…or maybe delivering contextual content based on user behavior using cookies?

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  1. Could the people at Yahoo and Google please try to remember that the United Kingdom really isn't taken with news that the US may deem important..

    Nor do we all live around London, our weather is a pastime of ours and we like it in local slices.

    Then theres the multitude of AOL popups that seem to have avoided the popup blocker.

    I know we don't have the Empire anymore but cut us some slack here!

    PC processing may have leaped and bounded but all this is an overkill surely? Sorry I'm grumpy but I'm tired after playing with them all night… Oh my God, they've got to me haven't they?


  2. Hi Nikhil – I think I tend to agree with Ashish.

    I visit some 15-20 webistes everyday. Over 60-75 unique sites on a weekly basis. I used the bookmark feature earlier to access and visit these sites earlier – my favourites folder has over 350 enteries in some 15 clusters. Now I use such aggregators like I-Google. This helps me save time. Plus, I can also check my email from three different accounts at one place. Check out my facebook account, news from various sources, blogs etc.

    Whether I will use would depend on their ability to offer offer more local sites in addition to international sites that I am interested in.

    But what you say about implicit personalistion is also valid, from the perspective of someone who visits as a destination website.

  3. Yes I am100% agree and i don't think it's too late to lanch this service in igoogle because i think more then 80% peoples are using google site then yahoo and indiatimes..infact in goolgle we don't need any username and password to login.. like indiatimes, and my point of view GOOGLE is a steadfast…..

    About Indiatimes:

    It’s purely a me-too service. It’s just a copy of MyYahoo, and iGoogle. As of now, there is nothing that makes myIndiatimes stands out against these services.

    Most of the features (like adding a tab, show feed content on hover, drag/drop boxes) are purely a copy/paste (from Y!/Google/Netvibes) and looks like this is more of a PoC (proof of concept) for Indiatimes rather than “serious business”.

    I am wondering why Indiatimes had to roll out a me-too/catch-up product? That too without any differentiator?

  4. Ashish, I think you misunderstand me. I'm not saying that one should give the same feature as their front page, but allow either of two things:

    1. Personalization of content on the front page based on user preferences
    2. Personalization of content on the front page based on user behavior (using cookies to track that behavior)

    Even for advances users, I think iGoogle is pretty pointless, as will MyIndiatimes be. Google doesn't have a choice because it's an aggregator, but it's different for Yahoo and Indiatimes because they're also content providers. Instead of providing an i Google-like page with content boxes with Indiatimes/ToI/ET content, they should have leveraged original content on their site…I'm not too bullish on a pureplay aggregation model…however, sometimes its more about choosing between launching a separate new standalone feature as a gift to the nation on Independence Day, or actually adding value to the user experience for users by offering personalization.

    For regular users, point two in the list above is ideal, imho.

  5. I don't think it's too late and I think it will be a disaster if indiatimes gives away this feature for the front page.

    Every product/feature is meant for a segment of user base – and Indian Internet users aren't that savvy to use such features for their basic purpose. You wouldn't want to scare people with feature overloads.

    Few features are meant to attract advanced user base, and also to do a catch up with the biggies..

    I agree that it's a copy/paste idea, but can potentially work in Indian market.
    More here:

  6. They are focussing on international sites and big names in their content offering….i think it would be great if they would add more of indian sites as well, if they want this to be a success.