Tuesday Afternoon Vid-Biz Headlines

Funding Flows; Ripcode Raises $10.5 million second round for transcoding; Inxstor raises $1.2 million for place-shifting; CBS takes stake in upcoming online talen show Big Shot. (release, the Herald, Variety)

Status Check on Video Ad Formats; “Skins, Bugs or Tickers?” asks the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ)

Al Jazeera Finds U.S. Audience Online; half of the network’s global website’s traffic is American, and Google video distribution deal brings an additional 2 million views. (Financial Times)

CDN Pricing: The Real Deal; Dan Rayburn breaks it down. (The Business of Online Video)

Google Should Buy Adobe, so it can own Flash, says GigaOM columnist Allan Leinwand. (GigaOM)


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