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Carbon Offsetting, More Harm than Good?: A scientist with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research says offsetting is leading to increased emissions. Uh-oh — BusinessGreen blog.

U of Gas: University of New Hampshire says the campus will run on gas from Waste Management’s landfill — Inside Greentech.

Lithium Battery Delay: John Addison’s take on the next-gen Prius delay — Cleantech Blog.

Tesla Road Trip: The Roadster is going from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. Weee — Green Wombat.

Fuel Mizer: GI Engineering developed the Digital Fuel Mizer to warn you of your bad acceleration and braking habits — EcoGeek.

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Jesse Kopelman

The Tyndall Centre guy is insane. He’s basically arguing that we need to keep people impoverished just to be sure that they don’t become conspicuous consumers like the rest of us and pollute.

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