PDA functionality ported for the iLiad eBook reader


Iliad_calendar_2MobileRead forum member, Adam B., decided to add some PDA functionality to his iLiad eBook reader by porting some Linux apps. He’s got GPE Calendar, Contacts and Todo all bundled in a single package and while you can’t sync this data to a PC, you can get some extra value out of the eBook device. Props to Adam for extending the standalone reader and for sharing the package!

Adam recommends that iLiad owners install the apps to a memory card for simplicity. There’s a whole thread going on with more information, questions and answers on this first step, so check it if you have the device and the desire to add some PIM functionality. I didn’t realize that folks were porting apps to Linux-based eBook devices like this. I’ve seen plenty of Sony Reader tweaks, but no true ports of applications like this…very interesting!

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