Palm Gandolf and HTC Iris: separated at birth?


be the judge but after viewing both photos, these two smartphones look like twins that were taken in by different surrogate families. On the right, the Palms decided to name their baby "Gandolf" while the HTCs on the left were smitten by their new baby girl and christened her "Iris". Sure there are differences, but these two could at least pass for cousins. What’s interesting to me is that while I’ve read a bunch of negative comments on the look of Gandolf, I haven’t heard the same about Iris. Are we just nicer to "girl" devices?



Maybe it means thst HTC is back to desiging/ manufacturing treos for Palm – I believed HTC made the iterations of the treo starting from the 600 which is now the reference design for the existing ones out there. Dunno about the overall design, but I think they should get rid of the square screen and opt for a 320×240 landscape screen like the Moto Q (for the winmo devices anyway).

John in Norway

I don’t see what you’re seeing. The only similarity I can see is that they both have rounded corners. The top is different, the screen is different, the middle buttons are different, the keyboard is different.

If looking different means they look the same then they’re the same. :)

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