John Lennon: Now playing at the iTunes store


Fans of The Beatles and John Lennon can now officially rejoice: As of today, sixteen of Lennon’s solo albums are available for the first time for immediate download from the iTunes Store. Some of those albums also contain exclusive video content for the first 30 days of availability—so get them while the getting’s good.

The albums available include Milk and Honey; Anthology; Double Fantasy; Lennon Legend; Walls and Bridges; Sometime in New York City; Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon; Imagine; Plastic Ono Band; Wonsaponatime; Rock ‘n’ Roll; Mind Games; Acoustic; Live Peace in Toronto, 1969; Menlove Avenue; and John Lennon – Live in New York City.

Released by EMI Music, individual tracks will be available as iTunes Plus 256 kbps AAC tracks each. The iTunes standard 128 kbps AAC tracks with DRM will also be available for $0.99 each. Most albums are $9.99.

“John Lennon is one of the greatest artists of our time,” said Steve Jobs. “We’re thrilled to have his solo catalog available on the iTunes Store for the first time.”


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