Dynamism to sell the HTC Shift for $1499


Reader Cody Blotske tipped me to a notification he received from Dynamism that the retailer is accepting pre-orders for the HTC Shift for $1,499.  I headed over to their site and sure enough they have it up already.  I find it a bit strange that neither HTC nor Dynamism mention the dual processor nature of the Shift.  Is it possible this is only one configuration option?  Only time will tell.




Kevin: I think the Windows Mobile on Shift goes only to 640×480, it does not fill the whole screen.

Kevin White

I always figured it meant you shifted it from being a notebook to a UMPC (mini-tablet) form factor…

800×480 is probably to provide support for Windows Mobile, which I doubt supports 1024×600 but does support 800×480 (witness the toshiba g900)


Well, the name of the device alone says it should be a standard feature… I mean, “Shift”? Shift what, except between two OS:es?

Too bad it only has the WSVGA screen. 1024×600 native would have been great. Still, considering how much I use my Pocket PC now, having one integrated in a UMPC seems mighty tempting. Maybe I’ll have to get the Shift after all.

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