Coffee break – what’s your device life expectancy?

Coffee_man_4I was hoping to make it to the office by 8 this morning but traffic was a bit heavy. I’m sitting in Starbucks near the Plymouth Meeting mall today; a new ‘bucks for me. Both the WiFi and the java are flowing freely as I keep getting stopped by people asking what this device is. Of course, since this is my mobile office setting, I have the Samsung Q1P and Bluetooth keyboard. I have a set stock of lines that introduce folks to Samantha, the Q1P, and I just realized that I always share how long I’ve been using this class of device. People ask "what’s that amazing new device you have there?" and of course, it’s not that "new" to me. This is about the 15th month I’ve been using this "new" device. ;)

That length of time hit me all of a sudden today and got me thinking about the life-expectancy of mobile devices. Not how long before it breaks, but how long will it still meet your needs before you upgrade or trade? Are you on the "Matt Miller" plan, i.e.: if you get three weeks from a device, it’s all good? :) If you get six months or a year, is that acceptable? Are you still toting a Handspring Visor? Let me know in the comments…I shoot for a year in most cases, but of course, it depends on the device as well…


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