Widget/Apps Firm SocialMedia Raises $1 Million Funding

SocialMedia, a new applications/widgets development and distribution company, has received about $1 million in funding. The round was led by CRV Ventures, Jeff Clavier’s SoftTech VC, and Naval Ravikant’s Hitforge seed fund. The Mill Valley, CA-based company was founded by Seth Goldstein, the former founder of RootsMarket and Majestic Research, among others. The company also recently acq-hired Trakzor, a traffic tracking app.

The company is for now focusing on Facebook and MySpace, and has about ten Facebook apps, it says, including the Happy Hour app that has more than 4 million users and Foodfight that has over 2 million. The company has also launched a pay-per-install marketplace that any advertiser or developer can use to promote or monetize their apps and is working with some affiliates (other app developers) to promote and host their apps. The intent isn’t to be a destination for social media apps, but to distribute and monetize them at the place of consumption, Goldstein explained to me. A domain like SocialMedia.com helps, though (Backstory: The domain SocialMedia.com was registered by Tina Sharkey, now president of BabyCenter, back in 1995. Sharkey and Goldstein are married).

It is competing with other apps/widget developers like RockYou and Slide, and on the more branded end with Clearspring, Newsgator and others.