ESPN PodCenter Through IPhone — Exclusive Content Planned


ESPN has announced that its PodCenter service will be available on the iPhone from now, and “exclusive content for iPhone users is also in the works” — although what that content will be isn’t described. The deal covers 35 podcasts with 15-20 sponsors, and podcasts to the iPhone will have the unique feature of displaying the advertisers’ logo on the handset screen during the audio ads, reports Ad Age. Marc Horine, ESPN’s VP-digital partnerships and radio, said that he was working with Verizon to expand the content on that telco as well, but: “It’s not as easy to deliver podcasts through mobile devices right now,” he said. “IPhone allows us because the Safari internet browser takes you to the special player. Most [phones] don’t have the functionality the iPhone has.” It seems like a relatively simple thing — I don’t know whether he’s refering to most handsets on the market or most high-end handsets.

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