Windows Mobile tip: D-Pad through communication methods


Windows_mobile_contactsJust when you think you knew all there was to know about Windows Mobile, something new hits the radar. The Windows Mobile Team Blog mentions a nice tip that can help you quickly find the right communications method for a contact: use the D-Pad. If you keep your contacts up to date, you might find that many of them have multiple communications methods; phone numbers for home, work, pagers and more for example. Then there’s the multiple e-mail and instant messaging identities. So how do you quickly find the right way to contact someone? Press your "Call" hardware button and start typing your contact’s name. When you find the right contact, choose it and then scroll left or right using your D-Pad. You’ll notice two things when you do this:

  1. The letters to the right of the contact name will change to indicate which contact info will be used, i.e.: h for home, w for work, etc…
  2. The left softkey will automatically change to reflect the communications method. For example, if you scroll so that the contact context shows "txt", the left softkey will change to the Text command. Scroll to an e-mail address and the softkey changes to E-mail.

The feature has been around for ages apparently, but it’s just catching up to me now (notice how I worded that?). A great tool to help productivity!

(via pocketnow)

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